Management Team


MKD is a technology company that specializes in producing machine that makes use of augmented reality to control and operate it. This allows the machine to go into hazardous and dangerous places where it will be too dangerous for rescue/emergency workers such as fire service officials to go in the event of a disaster like an earthquake or fire outbreak. This machine with the use of thermal imaging can be used to help find and rescue trapped persons under such hazardous circumstances.




  • 2022

MKD Telexistence Limited

Our Team

Tony Down


Tony Down is the Chief Financial Officer he is a dynamic, versatile and highly motivated accountant with experience delivering financial forecasts and Business Change.

Amar Saroj


MKD is owned by Amar Saroj, A self-motivated and hard working individual. Managing Director at MKD Telexistence Ltd  UK, Director at Kamani Tubes India and a Captain airline pilot for Air India. Amar is an organised and efficient person focused on creating positive experience for all.  

Nathan John


N R G John WBA, COO has an extensive background in producing bespoke innovative products including remote controlled demolition machines.

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