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Welcome to our Electric and Diesel Diggers collection. Choose between eco-friendly electric options or powerful diesel diggers to suit your specific needs. Find the perfect solution for your projects and achieve superior performance with us!

Electric Mini Excavator

1 ton mini digger with 12 attachments

Our high quality mini excavator is the perfect tool for construction, demolition and landscaping work and much more. 

With dual options for wireless or manual control, this excavator is a brilliant and safe demolition tool.

Being an electric digger comes with various benefits including less noise for use in built up areas, no CO2 or trailing cables making indoor and confined workspaces safer and eight hours of work time from a single charge meaning it can be used all day long.

To find out more and see the digger in action, scroll down and view the videos and technical specifications below.

Electric Digger from £10,000
With Remote Control from £20,000

Charging time

8 hours

Digging range of

-1780mm to +2600mm

Digging radius of


Wireless Control

This indoor demolition digger has hybrid dual lever conventional controls as well as wireless controls to keep the operator safe distance when required. 

Adjustable Track Width

This highly adaptive machine also has expandable tracks to access a doorway and work indoors with lithium batteries capable of a full days shift.


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